Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous

by Pat Durbin
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If you're ready to take your quilting skills to the next level, this is the book for you! Pat's innovative techniques for painting, free-motion quilting, and embellishing allow you to expand your artistic horizons and make breathtaking art quilts.

First you'll paint on fabric to make a simple landscape background. Then the excitement begins! You'll use thread to "paint" astonishingly realistic trees, leaves, and more onto stabilizer, cut out the motifs, and apply them to the quilt. With five projects to choose from, there's plenty of inspiration for your next quilt.

by Pat Durbin
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December 8th, 2009
While mixed-media quilts are not my personal "thing", I decided to review this book anyway; I borrowed a print copy from the library of the New England Quilt Museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, where I am a volunteer.
The explanations of the techniques and tools used seem to be very thorough, and the illustrations are excellent. There are several landscape projects or pieces with motifs from nature, so you can choose to try the techniques of painting and thread-embellishment on these projects or use the descriptions and instructions to try the techniques on projects of your own design. The author lists exactly what tools and supplies you will need and guides you in learning how to use them effectively.
If you like making pictorial quilts inspired by nature, and you want to "take it up a notch" and learn to embellish your quilts using paints and thread-play, I would recommend this book for both the clarity of the instructions and the inspiration provided by the photographs.
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From the Applique Society Newsletter

Pat Durbin creates beautiful pictorial quilts from her own photographs using paint, thread and fabric. In Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous, you will learn how she does this. I am sure you have noticed the trend to enhance your work with thread or paint. Pat offers some great hints and tips on painting on fabric, from what type of paints she uses to how it handles on dry or wet fabric. This is useful if you want to add just a touch of paint to your work to enhance an appliqued block or just paint a background on which to begin your stitching. I like the step-by-step instructions and photos included for both painting and creating thread motifs. Pat offers patterns for various leaf motifs that you will then create in thread using layers of tulle, water-soluble stabilizer and an embroidery hoop. Have fun learning this technique and I would recommend that you practice, practice, and practice. Save your finished leaves for future projects.
From Cheryl Lynch, fiber artist (cheryllynchquilts.blogspot.com)

Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous involves the use of paint and threadwork to create nature-type art quilts. It is a peek into the methods that Pat uses to make her amazing landscape quilts. Since these techniques were new to me, I decided to give them a try.

I love making trees, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to use Pat's method and make a little art quilt with a painted background. I started by painting an 8" x 10"ish piece of fabric. I learned that less is more. Since you start with damp fabric, it is best to let the paint move a bit on its own. While it was drying I worked on the trees. I thread painted a large one and two smaller ones. They were fun to make. I layered with batting, did a little free motion quilting, fused and stitched down the moon, and then added the trees. I finished one as a postcard, and the other I bound as a little piece.

Pat's methods were a lot of fun. I am happy to say that I have added some techniques to my toolbox.
From Barnes & Noble, Bookseller Picks

This book is beautiful. Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous is an amazing blend of quilting combined with paint. Author and artist Pat Durbin does a splendid job of inspiring us all with her work. I honestly couldn't stop turning the pages back and forth to see how she created so many beautiful pieces.

The pieces "Lakeside" and "Wonderland" are both amazing for their renditions of trees. Durbin's use of paint and layers of thread to highlight and capture the essence of a naturescape has me amazed and inspired. This book is a must if you love quilting, and it's a keeper for any craft library. As a novice quilter, she gives me something to aspire to. The directions are clear and the illustrations a dream. I know you will love this book.

Pat Durbin

Pat Durbin is an award-winning quilter and a quilting teacher who has been sewing since childhood. She has made many traditional quilts for her family and friends. In recent years she has been making "art" quilts that resemble paintings.

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