Troubleshooting eBooks and ePatterns

We're sorry to hear you're having troubles—we want to help! Here are suggestions for common problems.

Trouble printing?

Adobe lists ways to fix PDF printing problems here.

If you want to print template patterns from an eBook or ePattern, make sure your printer is printing pages at 100% of size. Not sure? Just print this scale-test page to find out. If the scale is off, check that your PDF reader is set to print at 100% page size (or, set “Page Scaling” to none—see example below). Some printers will try to “fit to page.” 


Page Scaling

Trouble downloading? Update.

If you have trouble opening the PDF, right-click the PDF link and then select "save link as/save target as" to save the PDF to your computer, and then open the PDF there.

If you're still experiencing problems, update your PDF reader to the latest version. Adobe Reader is free and compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Download the latest version here.

Incomplete download?

Even with lightning-fast connections, Internet interruptions can occur. Interruptions in your Internet service can leave files incomplete and corrupt. And incomplete or corrupt files can’t be opened, no matter how many times you click “open.” (C’mon, we’ve all tried it.)

If you aren’t able to open your PDF, simply try downloading it again by returning to your order detail page and clicking on the download link.

Trouble saving an eBook?

If your browser prompts you to "Save To" a location, save your eBook to an easy-to-find place, such as a folder on your hard drive or to your desktop. If you get an error message when trying to "Save As" from your PDF viewing application, try dragging the downloaded file to a new location rather than saving it with the PDF viewer. If you can't find a file you've downloaded, Adobe offers helpful advice on how to find downloaded files.

I can't find my eBook or ePattern.

  • If you ever need to download your eBook or ePattern again, simply sign in to your account. Then navigate to your Downloads page. Note that you won't see your account information until you've logged in.
  • If you can't find a file you've downloaded, Adobe offers helpful advice on how to find downloaded files.