Dream Landscapes - Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué

by Rose Hughes
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Stitch up a whimsical world! Fast-Piece Appliqué makes it easy to sew complex-looking shapes in a jiffy. Whether it's your 1st or your 101st quilt, these imaginative designs will add life and sparkle to your world.

  • Find step-by-step instructions for four colorful wall hangings, plus an inspirational quilt gallery and guidelines for creating your own designs
  • Discover the best ways to work with large templates
  • Explore fun options for embellishing with fabrics, beads, bangles, and found objects

See Rose demonstrate how to use the fast-piece appliqué method!

by Rose Hughes
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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October 14th, 2008

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From Quilting Arts Magazine

Rose Hughes presents readers with a technique for moving beyond squares and blocks and into creating wonderful landscape quilts. Using her simple Fast-Piece Applique technique and straight-stitch piecing, readers can produce shapes that they might not attempt otherwise. Dream Landscapes includes step-by-step instructions for the Fast-Piece Applique technique, as well as for couching yarns and how to stitch and bead by machine and by hand.  Hughes provides five quilt projects that build upon the basics of her technique, a gallery of her and her students’ art, and guidance and ideas to add excitement to your quilts. Take a look.

From Fabric Trends

If you’ve ever dreamed of transforming a landscape into fabric, be it from memory, a sketch, or a photo, Dream Landscapes by Rose Hughes is an absolute must! During her travels with camera in hand, Rose incorporated the beauty she saw in her surroundings with her love of fabric. This book is for all quilters and fabric artists who have a collection of scenic photos special enough to turn into a picturesque quilt.

Rose provides instructions and creative techniques to interpret the shapes, textures, and colors found in nature. By combining simple straight-stitch piecing with machine appliqué, shapes with curves and flowing lines can be created. There are no squares and blocks in this book! By starting with a realistic picture, you choose which details are important and which can be simplified or omitted to create a cleaner, more effective curved design. If you are a visual learner, this book is ideal. Many large, colorful, detailed diagrams and photos make the step-by-step directions easy to follow.

The first half of the book contains helpful lessons on selecting fabric and all the specific materials and tools needed, including a “Basic Sewing Kit” list. Rose teaches her Fast-Piece Applique method which makes sewing curves, irregular angles, and circles easy. “Embellishing Essentials” covers a variety of unique applications and provides great ideas for using beads, threads, and decorative stitches. In the second half of the book, each of the four wall hanging projects teaches a different technique, ie., working with large patterns, free-style piecing/stitching, set-ins, paper piecing, hand and machine embellishing, etc. The fun really begins when you use these techniques with your own landscape photos to create a personal fabric scene. Finally, the 32 page gallery is inspiring. It will motivate you to grab your camera, sketchbook, or vacation photos—they’re going to make great quilts!

From Studio Art Quilt Associates, saqa.com

Rose Hughes creates wonderful color-drenched landscapes filled with sinuous curves and circles. Since fabric is woven in a grid, it tends to resist attempts to make it curve gracefully, but Rose shows you how to create beautiful curves using her fast-piece applique methods. By stacking the fabrics, sewing the desired curve, cutting away the top selvege and securing the seam under a couched yarn, even the most extreme curves come out flat and luscious. Rose provides patterns and clear step-by-step instructions for several quilts, as well as a strong section on creating your own designs.  Her own work is liberally featured throughout the book, and it's a real treat to see it all in one place. A student gallery rounds out the book, providing examples of how others have used this technique to great effect.

From allaboutapplique.net

I’ve been looking forward to delving into Dream Landscapes: Artful Quilts with Fast-Piece Appliqué by Rose Hughes. Landscapes, art quilts … totally out of my arena, but it’s always interesting to learn new things to throw into one’s appliqué bag of tricks.  

Rose tells us, “Fast-Piece Appliqué is a method of construction that makes easy work of sewing curves, circles, and many designs that you thought were too difficult to put together.” Once I read through the process, it was one of those V8 moments. Wow, it really makes a lot of sense! Rose’s method employs tracing paper, freezer paper templates, and machine-sewing the pieces together from the front … simple and direct. She takes us through a small teaching project first and then provides several patterns and a beautiful gallery of her own and her students’ work for inspiration.

Beautiful flowing curves! Circles sewn without clipping or pinning!

The book includes a quick tutorial on color, full and detailed step-by-step instructions for Fast-Piece Appliqué, and a lot of information on yarn, which is couched over the top of the stitching lines to delineate the shapes and cover raw edges. The couching also provides the initial quilting. Then the author takes us through the steps of sandwiching, further quilting, and binding these pieces of art, followed by a wonderful section on embellishing with embroidery stitches and beading.

From Barbara Rhoades, “Jackie of All Trades,” amazon.com

Are you a landscape fan and a quilter? This book will walk you through the ways to combine your two loves. There are four different projects given before you come to the section on creating your own designs. This chapter contains the how-to step-by-step information to making that great photo you took on vacation into a quilted landscape you can hang on your own wall. What a great way to relive that great vacation each and every day!

Rose Hughes

After 20 years in the corporate world, Rose Hughes jumped into the quilt-art life in 2003 and has never looked back.

Rose loves to share her quilting passions and travels the world providing entertaining and educational lectures. Her teaching topics include Fast-Piece Appliqué, design, fabric painting, color, and all forms of embellishment.

As Rose continues to pursue her art, you may find her quilts in juried exhibitions throughout the world, and you might also see her sharing her work and methods on television and online. She enjoys membership in numerous quilt- and art-related organizations and finds joy in sharing her love of quilting through her blog, Rosehughes.com, and her Facebook page.

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