by Kristin Roylance

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Make a quilt that's functional and fun--and sure to be loved for years to come! Babies and toddlers will be tickled to have these bright, colorful designs highlighted by dimensional elements for little fingers to explore. Motifs range from butterflies and ladybugs to dinosaurs and rodeos.

  • Choose from nine adorable patterns that give traditional designs a fresh look
  • Learn basic applique and embellishing techniques as you make engaging quilts using rickrack, ruffles, and more
  • Fit quilting into your busy life; these projects are easy enough for beginners and enticing enough for experts

by Kristin Roylance
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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January 14th, 2014
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I love the new "ruffles" and shirring on quilts. THANKS designers.
These nine baby quilts are adorable, ranging from butterflies and flowers to dinosaurs and boats, and most of them have unique three-dimensional touches. I'm dying to try the butterflies and those boats with the chenille waves. You can see all of the quilts on the book's product page over at Martingale's website. So many baby quilt patterns look the same, but these designs really stand out. Another things I like is that they're not huge. I can understand the theory behind making quilts that kids can use for years to come, but I prefer to make smaller quilts. If nothing else, it gives you an excuse to make more as your favorite little ones grow bigger.
This would be a great book to add to your library so you would have it on hand whenever you want to make a fast and easy baby quilt. The directions and photos are excellent and there are 9 different quilts with 3D embellishments. The first thing I worked on was the Anchors Away quilt and making the little sailboat was easy!
I thought the Ladybug Landing was just too cute to pass up, so gave it a try. I'd had some ladybug fabric in my stash for a while, and this was the perfect pattern for it.

Cute Quilts for Kids has 9 different children's quilts, that put a little spin on traditional quilts. The book also teaches basic applique and embellishing techniques, even how to put on binding. The instructions were clear, and the pictures great.

Thanks Martingale, for the complimentary copy.
This book brings you 9 different quilts for kids, suitable for cool boys and sweet girls. For example a quilt with cars, cowboys, flowers, butterflies and even dinosaurs! There are also 2 quilts in this book that are great for teenage girls. When you just take a look at the pictures, you'll feel the need to check your stash and get started! So, if you've planned to make a quilt for a child, this is the right book for you! This book gives you also very handy tips & trics (“Quiltmaking Basics”). Success garantued!
Ohhh, I am in trouble! I have just received this book from Martingale for review, and can't wait to start one of the beautiful quilts for my grandson. The quilt featured on the book cover ("Are We There Yet?") is a great example of Kristin's fun design ideas and innovative construction methods, bringing a breath of fresh air to the more traditional, pastel-colored baby quilts.

Kristin offers basic quilt making instructions first (pay attention to her advice on using the walking foot, with which I agree and can attest to its usefulness), followed by 9 brightly-colored, gorgeous patterns. The detailed directions for each quilt, with plenty of clear diagrams, help you easily complete the projects.

With "Butterfly Kisses", Kristin shows us a creative way to make the butterfly wings, and my mind is already racing with ideas on how to use this same construction on other patterns (I could not resist and already made a butterfly block!). "Tromp, Chomp, Stomp" features dinosaurs and prairie points, while "Rickrack Ruffles" is the perfect compliment to a little girl's room. Now, wait until you see "Tutu Cute"...

If you would like to make a cool quilt for the newest kid in your life, or as a gift for a friend's baby, you may want to check out "Cute Quilts for Kids". Boats, flowers, boots, ladybugs - it's all in there!
Kristin Roylance has 6 cute kids of her own, so you can bet she has a lot of experience making "Cute Quilts for Kids". If you've never made a quilt before, this might be the book for you, because what could be more motivating than creating a special treasure for a baby or small child that you love? The bulk of the book is 9 projects, which include yardage requirements and patterns so that you can make them exactly as shown if you like or you're a beginner. One of the cutest elements of these quilts is that Kristin has included a 3-dimensional element to each design. My personal favorite is the "Ladybug Landing" quilt...adorable!
I have been very fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of one of the latest publications by Martingale Publishers. It’s titled Cute Quilts for Kids and the author is Kristin Roylance. Kristin is a patchwork quilt designer as well as a mum to six children.
Kristin realised whilst looking for suitable patterns to make children’s quilts that there wasn’t much for children that was interactive or different so she got busy and started to design her own patterns.
Kristin has managed to produce quilts that are truly unique, each with a blend of embellishment and touchy feely elements that will delight any child. All children love to touch and feel and fiddle (hence the many taggie quilts out there at present), and Kristin’s distinctive additions to her quilts will provide much enjoyment to inquisitive little hands.
To top it off, Kristin has a lovely sense of color and has used her gifted sense to achieve great results.
I like that the publication begins with a thorough run through of the main techniques used in the book, and also offers a chance to brush up on certain elements that quilters may not be too familiar with.
The diagrams in this section are clear, but could have been a bit larger in presentation to make it easier to correlate between the words and the diagrams.
Kristin then presents 9 absolutely gorgeous quilts to make. Each of these quilts has been well designed with just a small element of 3D embellishment – enough to tantalise without overwhelming the complete design. The quilts have very cute names such as Ladybird Landing, Anchors Away, Butterfly Kisses (my favourite), Riff Raff Ruffles and Tu Tu Cute amongst others.
Each of the quilts instructions are set out very well, with simple easy to read language and well supported with diagrams and photographs.
I think this book is simply a standout amongst a lot of children’s and baby quilt designs and I congratulate Kristin on her ability to translate her patterns into quilt instructions that can be understood by the novice and more experienced quilter.
Kristin has also developed a webpage for her publication.
I LOVE this book! Not only does the author make the patterns easy for a beginner to understand, but the quilts are 3-D. I've never seen a book with so many cute patterns with so many textures and embellishments for kids to feel and play with. They will love these quilts!
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Kristin Roylance

Kristin Roylance's introduction to quilting came while she was visiting her grandmother's home as a young child. She can remember sitting under a quilting frame, carefully pushing a needle up for her sister to pull through from the top. They were quite the team! She remembers going home with bandages on each and every fingertip, but she still couldn't wait to try quilting again. Her next notable quilting experience also included bandages, this time with a trip to the emergency room. Rotary blades can be very dangerous! She's learned a lot since then and rarely requires Band-Aids these days.

Kristin started her pattern company, Cute Quilt Patterns, in 2008. She's enjoyed the many friendships that come from daily interactions with fellow quilters and loves having the opportunity to share her designs and see the creativity they inspire.

Kristin feels blessed to live on a beautiful hillside of the Wasatch mountains in Utah with her amazing husband and six energetic, quilt-toting children.

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