Cuddle Me Quick - 11 Baby-Quilt Designs

by Darra Williamson
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Make a huggable quilt for a special wee one! Quilting experts Christine Porter and Darra Williamson present 11 eye-catching baby-quilt patterns in a variety of oh-so-adorable styles.

  • Choose from a mix of traditional pieced quilts and whimsical applique designs; full-sized patterns are included
  • Find lots of tips throughout and an assortment of projects for both boys and girls
  • Enjoy inspiring quilt patterns that include detailed quilting suggestions (with photo) for each quilt

by Darra Williamson
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September 11th, 2012

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Review from SewCal Gal

Cuddle Me Quick: 11 Baby-Quilt Designs, by Christine Porter & Darra Williamson is a "must have" book for anyone looking for eye-catching quilt designs perfect for baby gifts, as well as toddlers and small children. Many of the designs are also easily adaptable to a variety of other projects too, so don't overlook this book thinking it is limiting to making children's quilts...many more possibilities!
Review from Fabrications Quilting for You, December 2012/January 2013

Quilting experts Christine Porter and Darra Williamson present 11 eye-catching baby quilt patterns in a varied spectrum of styles and colors for your inspiration and enjoyment. The cover quilt 'Alphabet Soup' is bursting with color and gives the first opportunity for learning interaction both in letters and colors. With the mix of traditional-style quilts and whimsical applique designs, there is sure to be one project to suit your style, whether the quilt is for a boy or a girl. Full-sized patterns are included as well as lots of helpful tips throughout the book. To help you finish the quilt in style, there are quilting patterns to choose from with detailed quilting suggestions and supporting photographs for each quilt.
Review from Homespun

This book of 11 designs for baby and toddler quilts will be a useful resource for those who find themselves surrounded by young mums. grandchildren, nieces and nephews. It's a good 'go to' book when you want a range of options but you aren't necessarily planning to invest hundreds of hours to create a family heirloom. Most of the projects are quite straightforward: some are patchwork and some combine patchwork with applique. None of them is, in our view, a design sensation or avant-garde: you'll find many motifs that are typical baby fare - such as the alphabet and numbers, and train designs shown on the front cover. That doesn't mean, however, that they're not appealing: we just loved the Rubber Duckies Quilt, for example. And if you hate instructions that read "quilt as desired", you'll be pleased to know that Christine and Dana provide quite detailed descriptions of how they quilted each project, and a close-up photograph so you can see how the quilting looks.
Review from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting, November/December 2013

Christine and Darra share their many years of quilting experience to bring you 11 eye-catching baby quilt patterns in a variety of styles for both girls and boys. The book includes traditional pieced quilts and whimsical applique, all with full-size patterns and colorful photos that include detailed quilting suggestions for each quilt.

Darra Williamson

Darra Williamson has been quilting and teaching for almost 30 years. Named Professional Quilter magazine's 1989 Quilt Teacher of the Year, she has taught throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Darra is a freelance editorial consultant for quilt-book publishers, authors, and websites.

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