Crocheted Softies - 18 Adorable Animals from around the World

by Stacey Trock
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Stacey Trock, author of Cuddly Crochet, presents a terrific new collection of cuddly stuffies. Find animals from every continent and the sea, all made with earth-friendly yarns. Discover fun facts about the yarns and regions.

  • Create a moose, panda, penguin, alpaca, snake, fish, and a few surprises
  • Turn fibers such as soy, bamboo, organic cotton, and undyed wool into child-friendly toys
  • Get basic info on crochet as well as stuffed-animal assembly in projects for all skill levels

by Stacey Trock
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November 15th, 2011

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Review from Love of Crochet magazine

Children adore their stuffed friends, and what could be better than crocheting that new toy for a cherished child? Featuring two animals from each continent, the 22 fantastic patterns include mammals, reptiles, aquatic life, and even aliens. Use your imagination and create a cuddly cutie in their favorite color. First, follow the initial helpful hints to ensure the perfect finish before moving on the detailed step-by-step instructions; each pattern includes clever tips to help you select the ideal fiber to crochet your treasured gift.
Review from Crochet 1-2-3 magazine

Stacey Trock, author of the popular Cuddly Crochet book, presents a terrific new collection of cuddly stuffed animals from around the world, all made with earth-friendly yarns. Discover fun facts about the yarns and regions while creating a moose, panda, penguin, alpaca, snake, fish and a few surprises. You can learn the basics of crochet, as well as stuffed animal assembly, all while turning fibers such as soy, bamboo, organic cotton and undyed wool into child-friendly toys.
Review by Paula Moliver for the Hartford Knitting Examiner

Crocheted Softies is Stacey Trock's latest book. She has designed 18 adorable animals from around and out of this world. Cuddly Crochet was her last book that covered 10 stuffed animals and baby items that matched.

The book opens with "Give a crocheter a pattern and she'll make an exact copy of the sample in the pattern. But teach a crocheter how to use a pattern and there is no stopping her!" So true.

Stacey will show you how to work the stitches through step by step photographs. You will also learn about fibers and yarn substitution. The fibers used in the stuffed animals are "slightly outside the box". They include yarns that are organic, undyed, banana silk and from yarn companies that give back to communities that are in need.

The results of this book are bright, fun loving stuffed animals. You will create your own menagerie from start to finish with Stacy's help. Which one will you crochet first?

Stacey Trock

Stacey Trock is the designer for FreshStitches Amigurumi, an exciting place where her stuffed animal creations live very happy and fulfilling lives. At FreshStitches, Stacey lives out her dream of helping people all over the world make cudddly stuffed animals of their own. Although she has an affinity for stuffed animals, she occasionally gets involved in other fiber projects, including knitwear design.

Aside from designing, Stacey is a blogger, knit/crochet teacher, and yarn-store employee. She enjoys baking, practicing yoga, watching sports, and traveling. She hasn't yet settled down in her dream city and enjoys moving around to wherever life takes her.

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