Crochet a Zoo - Fun Toys for Baby and You - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Megan Kreiner

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Go a little wild as you stitch everything from lions and tigers to bears and baboons. Featuring organic materials, these imaginative toys are perfect for children of all ages. You can even create felt bananas, leaves, and other zoo food, plus zany zookeepers all dressed for the part.

  • Choose from more than 16 playful patterns for crochet; stitch one or two animals or construct an entire zoo set for a special gift
  • Bring your zoo animals to life with clever details and ideas for customizing, such as shaggy manes, felt stripes, and embroidered paws
  • Complete each beautifully illustrated design in just a few hours using basic crochet skills

You can trace your felt templates from the book, or feel free to download a printable version here.

by Megan Kreiner
8.375" x 10.875"
Format Description:
full color, softcover
Product Code:
Publication Date:
April 9th, 2013
Return Info:
This title is out of print; Returns accepted in resale condition only until November 16th, 2020
Number of Pages: 80 pages
Number of Projects: 15+ (some projects have more than one pattern associated with it)
Sizes: 2″ – 10″ tall
Types of Projects: Lions, tigers, & bears…..and monkeys, seals, a giraffe, and so much more. There are also zoo keepers and zoo food.
Difficulty: All projects are listed as beginner or easy; except the primates (gorilla, baboon, & chimpanzee) and zoo keepers which are listed as intermediate.
Yarn Used: #3 & #4 – Felt is used for facial features and food on some of the projects.
First Impression: Impressed with the facial details.
Favorite Project: Elephants & primates

I don’t make a lot of animals (lots of sc with a smaller hook bothers my hands). But I’m very impressed with the detail on these animals for their sizes. Example: The primates (see above photo) are approx 5″ tall and yet they have some amazing facial detail. The author does recommend safety eyes but cautions against using eyes for children under 3; which I agree with. There is an entire section of resources on how to choose (and use) stuffing, eyes, yarn, hooks, felt and more. Also included is general information (gauge, terms, abbreviations), as well as stitch help and photos. I was very impressed with the number of “extra” tutorials, such as “how to cut felt”, etc.
I LOVE this book! Animals included (for those who asked above) are: penguins
harp seals
polar bear and grizzly bear
lion and tiger
giant red kangaroo and joey
zoo food
The book is very well written and templates and embroidery instructions are also included.
Elephants are my thing and these are adorable but so are all the rest. I would probably start with the Hippo, she made me smile the most when I first saw them, or Kanga & Joey, or the harp seal. This is going to be so tough to decide!
I like the penguins! I think I will start with them! :)
any zebras I want to crochet zebras
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Yarn Market News, October 2013

For her day job, Kreiner is an artist and animator for DreamWorks Animation SKG. So it stands to reason that she has an eye for creating playful little critters. Her debut book invites the reader to crochet a zooful, from penguin to rhinoceros, kangaroo to panda, giraffe and human zookeeper, too. Crocheters can start off with wobbly little penguins: details like orange beaks, tufts at the top of the heads and realistic coloring for parents and babies amp up the cute factor. Kreiner manages to create amazingly expressive faces on harp seals, lions and tigers and skillfully uses felt embellishment for a giraffe's spots and a zebra's stripes. Even the zookeepers are full of charming details: khaki uniforms, food for the animals (made out of felt) and tiny laces on their shoes. How-to illustrations help speed the process along; templates for felt items won't leave stitchers guessing.
Review from Crochet Today, January 2014

First-time author Megan Kreiner is a DreamWorks animator, and her book of adorably cartoonish animals will inspire handmade gifts for the kids in your life. Starting with a simple egg shaped penguin, the projects increase in complexity as the book progresses, though they all use basic crochet stitches. Each animal, including a purple hippo and a whiskery walrus, is finished off with embroidery, felt embellishments, or yarn manipulation. We really love the customizable zookeeper pattern, with a cute felt belt and jacket pockets.

Megan Kreiner

Megan Kreiner grew up in a household where art and art projects were a daily part of life. She learned to knit and crochet at an early age from her grandmother, aunt, and mother. Since 2012, her MK Crochet and MK Knits pattern lines have been featured in books and various crochet and knitting magazines. Megan is an animator at DreamWorks Animation. She lives in Altadena, California, with her husband, Michael, and their children, James and Emily.

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