Home Décor

$25.99 $15.59
by Jenelle Kent
Toweling fabric, with clean, classic stripes and old-fashioned appeal, is a perfect match for a farmhouse home. So why keep it only in the kitchen? Sew...

$25.99 $20.27
by Stacy West
Turn back the clock and experience a little nostalgia as you stitch something new to enjoy in the present--the Buttermilk Basin way! Celebrate vintage style...
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$26.99 $21.05
by Rhonda McCray
Fill your home to the brim with holiday spirit! Use simple patchwork and quick fusible applique to ring in the season with a touch of country spirit....
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$22.99 $17.93
by Beverly McCullough
Spend an evening stitching any of the designs in this book and you'll instantly remember what you've always loved about embroidery: it's fun, you can see...