Color for the Terrified Quilter - Plain Talk, Simple Lessons, 11 Projects

by Ionne McCauley, Sharon Pederson
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Color choices don't have to be intuitive, instinctive, or inborn--there is a step-by-step way to choose color for quilts. And this fun book will show you how! Find practical techniques and guidelines for making the perfect color choices in any quilt.

  • Find lighthearted text, clear illustrations, and beautiful photos to learn about color in easy-to-understand language
  • Follow easy exercises and 11 projects; they'll turn you into an expert on using the color wheel
  • Learn how to make quick mock-up blocks before committing fabrics to the sewing machine

by Ionne McCauley, Sharon Pederson
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February 6th, 2007
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why is this only available as eBook? I would so like a 'real' book of this!

Hi Nina,

The book is out of print, meaning all the printed copies have been sold and we will not be printing more. But we're very excited about eBooks--that way, even out-of-print books can still be enjoyed! Thanks for your question. ~Jenny at Martingale
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Ionne McCauley

Ionne McCauley has produced many, many yards of hand-dyed fabric, beginning in 1997. With a focus on the use of color, she has been teaching her quiltmaking techniques to others for over a decade.

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Sharon Pederson

Sharon Pederson is a best-selling author who has taught hundreds of quiltmaking classes, both nationally and internationally.

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