Candy Store and More - 1930s Quilts Made New

by Kay Connors, Karen Earlywine
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Popular designers Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine present 10 fresh quilts that take their cues from 1930s classics. Inspired by antique quilts and patterns discovered in old newspapers, these projects are brimming with old-fashioned charm.

  • See the original 1930s designs that sparked this collection of patterns written for today's techniques
  • Be inspired to try everything from patchwork to applique, embroidery, making yo-yos, using rickrack, and quilting by hand
  • Use full-sized applique patterns--no enlargements needed--and find projects for all skill levels

by Kay Connors, Karen Earlywine
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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January 14th, 2014
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This book contains the pattern, instructions, full-size templates and beautiful color pictures to help you make 10 quilts inspired by the patterns and fabrics of the '30s. The authors have also added their own creative touch and made some modifications to those traditional patterns by including new border and setting ideas. The instructions seem to be very well written, and the how-to illustrations are clear and helpful.

If you like quilt history, you'll like the two-page introduction that talks about the time period and the quilt patterns that were in vogue then. Each project also includes a picture of an old pattern, quilt, or newspaper clipping from the '30s that was the inspiration for the quilt. This is a fun book to read as well as one that provides inspiration to get out those reproduction fabrics and make a quilt!
If you would like to make quilts that have the 1930s look this is definitely the book for you! There are 10 beautiful patterns included along with full size templates, applique pieces and embroidered butterflies. Any of the patterns could also be made with modern fabrics for a completely different look.
This book features beautiful quilt designs, as Kay and Karen deliver on their promise to make 'new' treasures out of old favorites. The icing on the cake: their commentary at the beginning of each pattern, showcasing original newspaper clippings and information about block origin which, along with their book introduction, took me on a journey to the Depression Era and helped me see those blocks under a new light. If you like 1930s-inspired fabrics and quilts you will be delighted with this book. To get you in the mood, grab a box of Sugar Babies, a couple of Musketeers bars, sit comfortably and enjoy!
I was wondering why these quilts looked so realistic, like they had been made in the 1930s. I knew the fabric was recreated, but as I looked through the book, I realized these ladies had done a lot of research. Vintage newspaper clippings with the actual quilt blocks from the 1930s and 1940s were scattered throughout the book as the basis for these "re-created" quilts. I especially loved the tips they gave for piecing several of the blocks and I was tickled that they gave 7 butterfly patterns to choose from for embroidering the "Framed Butterflies" block.
The cover of this book shows the fabrics that are typical for the 30's, like Aunt Grace and Feed Sack... Sweet small prints. But even when you're more into Civil War or bright fabrics, with these patterns you can have it all! This book brings 10 different quilts, all inspired by antique quilts, and the book gives you some background information too. Personally I like the “Barn Dance” very much, but if you're more into embroidery/ stitchery... Have a look at “Framed Butterflies”! Different stitches are used, but you can stitch it the way you prefer. The last quilt I'd like to mention is the “Hill Country Pinwheels”… It's such a pretty quilt, it won't be hard to find a nice place to hang it. The authors of this book have two more books inspired by quilts from the 30's, so you can make even more quilts like these!
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Kay Connors

Kay Connors was born in Texas, raised in New Mexico, and she has had homes in Colorado, California, Washington, Alaska, and Idaho, where she has lived since 1979. She has been quilting since 1973, first to use up fabric, and then to feed her passion. She is a contemporary quilter but finds she can't pass up anything having to do with old quilts. She buys feed sacks, old quilt tops, quilts, and every piece of reproduction '30s fabric she finds. Collecting old patterns and drafting her own from found quilts has allowed her to make quilts that she feels need to be in her home. In 1998, Kay and her sister, Karen Earlywine, bought a little house in the hill country of Texas as a quilting getaway.

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Karen Earlywine

Karen Earlywine was the youngest of four children in a post-war family in Texas. She was two years old when the family moved to New Mexico. Karen, her husband, and their grown children still live in the southwestern part of the state.

Quilting became an important part of Karen's life in 1977. Now the most important thing in her life is her family. Four young grandchildren have new quilts as they go from cradles to cribs to beds. College graduations and other events in the lives of close friends and family are celebrated with the gift of a quilt.

Years of working on old homes and collecting antiques intensified the interest Karen has in reproduction fabrics and quilts of the past. She and sister Kay Connors both share this passion and try to get away to their shared house in Texas to scout the area for fabric and antique treasures as often as possible.

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