Block-Buster Quilts - I Love House Blocks - 14 Quilts from an All-Time Favorite Block

by Karen M. Burns
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Make House blocks that feel right at home in quilts that fit your personal style! Go modern, delve into traditional styles, and play with color variations. Top-notch designers--including Carrie Nelson, Kimberly Jolly, Jeni Gaston, Jackie White, Corey Yoder, and Natalie Barnes--have come together to present 14 all-new designs that display the variety and versatility of House blocks. You'll never get enough of these easy-to-customize classics that are perfect for your favorite fabrics. Welcome home, House blocks!

by Karen M. Burns
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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June 6th, 2017
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It's hard to resist these charming house quilts! This book is chock full of quilts by some of my favorite designers. There's a little something for everyone here, including some cute embroidery. A nice addition to your quilt making library.
I absolutely love this book! I love that is gives a little bio of the different designers. I am a big fan of small quilts that use lots of different fabrics in them so this is perfect for me. Thank you!
This book has 14 patterns for quilts and each has house blocks in it. The first chapter is call House Blocks 101 and is six pages of basics on creating house blocks. The patterns begin with a blurb about the project and the materials and cutting lists. Then there is a color photo of the item and the finished quilt and block sizes.

Easy to follow instructions include plenty of graphics so you can make sure your blocks look like those of the author. An exploded view of the finished quilt helps you know you are assembling the final rows correctly. One of the projects requires some embroidery work and those patterns are included. Your own creativity is needed to decide on the quilting to finish the quilt.

At the back of the book, you will find a paragraph about each of the 14 contributors. Grab a copy if you love houses in your quilts.
I love these houses. What a wonderful introduction to the world of patchwork and quilting this is for a beginner yet lots of things for more experienced quilters to use too. I am longing for this book - just had 2 years of not sewing anything as everything was in storage during a long selling, moving a huge restoration process.
I love these quilts. On this first day of summer, I would make a quilt of summer houses.
I do love house blocks! Especially, I am loving these house blocks.

There is something here for every quilter, every style, 14 quilts including new blocks and new twists on traditional blocks, from traditional to Modern styles.

A chapter with color photographs teaches construction techniques for easy, precise sewing.

I love so many of these quilts!
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Review from Online Quilt Magazine, July 2017

In this book House blocks have been used in a wide range of quilts - from Modern to Traditional styles. Designers include Carrie Nelson, Kimberly Jolly, Jeni Gaston, Jackie White, Corey Yoder and Natalie Barnes. You'll be amazed at the variety of quilts they have created with house blocks. House blocks with frames, house blocks with hearts--add doors, windows, borders and trees--you'll be enthused with the many ways to use these blocks in quilts. Any level of quilting skill will enable you to make these quilts. The clear patterns are accompanied by diagrams and step-by-step photos. The quilts are all pieced and I especially like the 'negative' houses in "Sugar Shack". I Love House Blocks is a book with a great range of ideas on a theme.
Review from Denise Russell, Pieced Brain Blog, August 2017

House blocks are the craze right now, and this book has lots of beautiful house blocks and quilt layouts reminiscent of neighborhoods in small towns, country lanes, and large cities. Karen Burns from Martingale selected 14 designs by creative quilt designers to include in Block Buster Quilts: I Love House Blocks, each with strikingly different versions of blocks and layouts for house blocks. In the House Blocks 101 section, we learn how to construct flying-geese, a trapezoid, and an equilateral roof. With lots of diagrams and clear instructions, I would not have any trouble constructing the blocks and assembling the quilts. I could even combine blocks from various quilts to make my own design. Hmmm...

Karen M. Burns

An accomplished long-arm quilter, Karen M. Burns is a former member of Martingale's industry-leading acquisitions team. This group of crafting experts specializes in curating the highest-quality patterns by top designers in quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, and other crafts. Since its founding in 1976, Martingale has become synonymous with outstanding craft books, with more than 24 million books sold worldwide.

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