Beyond Neutral - Quilts Inspired by Nature's Elements

by John Q. Adams
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Join adventurous quilter John Q. Adams on a bold exploration of quilting color palettes. In these striking graphic designs, he draws inspiration from nature - wind, water, earth, leaf, sky, grass, lava, coral, and stone - to open up exciting new combinations of color and fabric.

  • Find 16 fabulous projects suitable for all skill levels
  • Create beautiful effects by moving beyond neutral-colored background fabrics
  • Enjoy clear illustrations and gorgeous photographs taken in outdoor settings

by John Q. Adams
8.75" x 11"
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full color; softcover
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Publication Date:
May 6th, 2014
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This was such a fun book for me to look through and be inspired by. I love his take on the art of quilting. I am such a fan of modern quilting. I love the use of color, the mix of solids with patterned prints, and the space created in the quilt.

I prefer the ones that aren't typical. Where you wouldn't have guessed that he would have put that block there, or spaced the blocks the way he did. The unexpected is fun. A bunch of these quilts I have put in my imaginary box, of quilts I'd like to make. They are definitely simple. Something you could accomplish in just a weekend. And yet, with the right fabric placement and choices, the are impactful. So fun.
To be honest I have not been a fan of modern design, preferring the traditional look. Again, being honest, this John Q. Adams book makes me realize just how beautiful these quilts can be and to not try this new style would be limiting.
Beautiful designs that have a modern flair. All of the 16 fabulous designs in this book have easy to follow instructions with great visuals, making this book perfect for quilters of all levels.
Simple and SOOTHING designs and colors. When I think of the best quilts, I think of soothing comfort. This book has both. The idea of using nature's colors for quilts is not new, but in this book, it seems fresh.
I just finished reading my copy of the book and I'm so happy to own it! Its a fabulous book with clear instructions - that has always been the best thing about John's projects - be it tutorials on his blog or patterns in books or magazines! It makes understanding the patterns a lot easier! The quilts are not just awesome to look at but easily doable for even the confident beginner! My favorites : Pinnacle, Fire Island and Pacific Crest (Cover Quilt). Way to go John! I'm already looking forward to your next book!
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John Q. Adams

John Q. Adams is a father of three who enjoys sewing and quilting in his spare time. Inspired by the growing number of crafting blogs and the emergence of vibrant, modern fabrics in the quilting industry, John taught himself how to use a sewing machine in 2004 and hasn't looked back. He started his popular blog,, in 2008 to share his love of patchwork with others. John is a published author and co-founder of the popular e-magazine and book series for modern quilters, Fat Quarterly.

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