Better Together - Two-Block Designs for Dynamic Quilts

by Karen Sievert
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Create a few quilt blocks, put them together, and stand back for exciting results! The individual blocks are striking, but it's the quilt settings that create sheer magic. Easier than they look, each of these 10 projects features either one repeating block or two alternating blocks. Where the blocks intersect, the lines blur from one block to the next, creating gorgeous and unexpected designs.

  • Projects are primarily lap-sized, requiring a smaller investment of time and fabric
  • Quilters of all skill levels can create eye-catching projects
  • Styles are traditional and elegant, great for gift giving and home decor

by Karen Sievert
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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February 9th, 2010

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From sewing quilting, and embroidery enthusiasts

Another delightful quilt book has been released this spring called Better Together by Karen Sievert. SewCalGal recommends this book is a "must have" for any quilter. It is a perfect book for quilters of all levels, sharing insights on fabric selection, quilting basics, machine quilting, and more. This book contains ten patterns to make beautiful quilts, each using two complimentary blocks. There are many beautiful quilts out there made with two blocks, but Karen does an excellent job showing how to make spectacular quilts using two blocks! SewCalGal predicts that there are going to be many quilt show winners, in future quilt shows, where quilters benefit from insights shared by Karen Sievert!

Techniques used are based on rotary cutting and traditional piecing methods, with easy to follow instructions for the beginner quilter. But the insights on machine quilting, block placement, and border settings help to move a beginner-intermediate quilter to an advanced quilter. Plus oodles of tips and tricks are throughout the book, of interest to quilters of all levels. Personally, I loved the quilting suggestions and excellent photography that showed the high quality quilting. Even the cover of this book shows an inspirational quilt, yet the photography captures the amazing machine quilting, not just the amazing beauty of the quilt!
From Midwest Book Review: The Needlecraft Shelf

Better Together: Two-Block Designs for Dynamic Quilts tells how to create blocks, put them together, and create striking quilts that are better than their parts. Projects are lap-sized quilts and offer all skills levels eye-catching projects and designs ranging from various stars combinations to tiles. Quiltmaking basics offer many basic insights perfect for general quilter's libraries.
From Barbara Rhoades, "Jackie of All Trades,"

The sections that begin this book cover the basics. The first is a two-page spread about fabric. The next six pages cover about quilting basics. The final section before the projects begin is a discussion on how to make freehand feathers for quilting of the project.

Ten quilts using only two-block designs are included in Better Together. The great thing about two block designs is when you look at the project, you can see other designs that are created where the two originals come together. Turning the blocks on point makes another complete look.

The finished quilt and block sizes are given, along with a small blurb about each quilt. Each project has a starry look. Material and cutting lists are clearly written and there are plenty of graphics to help you along. Quilting suggestions are provided, which is a plus in my book.

Grab a copy and get creating with this wonderful two-block only quilt book.

Karen Sievert

Karen Sievert began her quiltmaking journey in 1997 when her sister, Barbara, dragged her into a quilt shop, firmly stating that she needed a hobby! Immediately hooked, Karen has been quilting, designing, and teaching ever since. An award-winning quilter, Karen states that what she loves most about quilting is the friendships she's formed with other quilters: friendships that have sustained her through the many moves she's made due to her husband's military career.

Karen currently resides in Gainesville, Virginia, with her husband, Vince, and her three children, Wayne, Shannah, and Travis.

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