Baby Bliss - Adorable Gifts, Quilts, and Wearables for Wee Ones

by Kim Diehl, Pat Wys
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Grandmas, aunties, and moms-to-be: if there's a baby on the way, you want fast, practical gifts, handmade with love. Be the hit of the baby shower with adorable projects designed by two popular authors and proud grandmothers. Cute, colorful, and grandma approved!

  • Choose from a great selection of clothing, accessories, bibs, quilts, receiving blankets, and more
  • Darling styles suited for boys and girls are sure to be loved by new moms
  • "Baby Talk" tip boxes offer hints for successful stitching with knit fabric, ultra-plush fabric, ribbon, rickrack, and more

by Kim Diehl, Pat Wys
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color, softcover
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June 7th, 2016
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With 18 patterns that range from gift items to quilts to wearables, your baby (or grandbaby) will be outfit with beautiful handmade items.

Each pattern has a paragraph about the item, along with pictures showing what it will look like when you have sewn it up. The written instructions are easy to follow and many of the patterns have bonus suggestions. These are called Baby Talk and are set off in colored boxes. Some of the patterns use templates and those are provided at full size. The patterns also use yo-yos and rickrack, both of which is easy to make or buy. The bib patterns use snaps but Velcro is the go-to fastener in my house.

There are even ideas for gifts baskets/jars from the things you have made. One such is a perfect shower gift for the mother-to-be. Fill the jar with your handmade items, add small powder, lotion, teething toys and even put one on the top for decoration. There is no need for gift wrap and the jar can be used after the original items are gone.

I loved the pattern for leggings and the how-to was simple enough. My only question is what size socks? I presume an older child’s socks to make leggings for a new baby but the pattern only said as you child grows, buy larger socks.

The end of the book has nine pages of sewing basics and there is a page with bios of both authors. If a baby or grandchild is in your future, this book will make sure the little one has everything they need.
The projects in Baby Bliss are very practical and easy to make including blankets, pacifier leashes, burp clothes, very cool bibs, overalls, etc. I made a blanket, two laundry bags, and dyed the Onesis! The pacifier leashes are adorable - I can see them becoming heirlooms!

The instructions are detailed and have plenty of diagrams so you will know exactly what to do. I was running out of ideas for gifts to make for my grand babies, and this book just gave me cool ones...
Este libro me ilusiona dado a que sus autoras son dos felices abuelas -mujeres contemporáneas que se hicieron amigas en un curso de Quilting hace ya varias décadas. En coincidencia, ambas se convirtieron en abuelas al mismo tiempo y como ellas lo describen, guardaron las telas tradicionales de quilting y rodearon sus máquinas de coser con franelas, minky, y eligieron nuevas gamas de colores. Los proyectos son realmente creativos y en la gran mayoría las autoras lo abordan por varios caminos, ya sea comprando los materiales o bien utilizando algo que ya tenemos en casa. Como ejemplo para hacer los gorritos de jersey: 1) Comprar la 1/2 yarda de tejido de punto 2) Buscar en las áreas de rebajas de las tiendas las t-shirts talla grande que están ya de remate pero que tienen colores o diseños hermosos para de ahí cortar el patrón. 3) Buscar en casa cualquier prenda de tejido de punto que aún tenga buena elasticidad para poder transformarla. Se dan cuenta? El asunto es la creatividad y poder ver de avanzada el potencial que tiene un objeto para darle nueva vida. La experiencia de las abuelas combinada con su creatividad y el oficio de costura de las mismas hace que cada proyecto se disfrute desde el momento de cortar la tela.

Seguramente muchas de Ustedes al igual que yo, recibimos la noticia que seremos tías, o bien que alguna de nuestras amigas debutará como abuelita. Les aseguro que en este hermoso libro encontraremos muchas ideas para obsequiar al bebé que llega.

Translation: This book is from contemporary authors who are also happy grandmothers--the women became friends over a course of several decades Quilting. Coincidentally, both became grandmothers at the same time, so they kept their sewing machines surrounded with flannels, minky, and new color palettes. The projects are really creative and the authors approach them in several ways, either buying new materials or using something you already have at home. As an example, to make hats with jersey knit, you can: 1) Buy 1/2 yard jersey knit; 2) Look for sales of t-shirts with beautiful colors or designs with which to cut the pattern; or 3) Search at home for any jersey-knit garment to transform it. The issue is creativity and seeing the potential of an object to give it new life. The combined experience of grandmothers with their creativity and craft sewing makes each project enjoyable from the moment of cutting the fabric.

Surely many of you like me, received the news that we will be aunts or any of our friends will debut as grandmother. I assure you that in this beautiful book you will find many ideas for making gifts to give away when the baby arrives.
How adorable are these projects (and babies)! I absolutely love all the beanie patterns and I will be making a lot of the door latch covers and pacifier leashes for my friends. Lots of great gifts to make, especially for that first time mom. Between the gift ideas and the baby quilts, you cannot go wrong with this book and there are a wealth of ideas. I have to warn you though, you will fall in love with this book but make sure you allocate time to make these cute projects as you can be sure any baby will love them.
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Review from Sew News, February/March 2017

Be the hit of the baby shower with the adorable projects in Baby Bliss. Whether you're looking to make baby decor, clothing or a useful accessory to help out the new mom, you'll find something in this fun book. It includes tons of tips on how to sew the specialty fabric and trims used in the projects and how to repurpose store-bought items for quick and easy gifts. Cute, colorful and grandma approved!

Kim Diehl

After falling in love with a sampler quilt pattern in the late 1990s, Kim impulsively purchased it, taught herself the steps to make it, and then realized she was smitten with quiltmaking. As her newfound passion blossomed into a full-time career, Kim began publishing her original designs, traveling nationally to teach her approachable quiltmaking methods, and ultimately designing fabrics . . . a dream come true for a girl who once wondered if she had what it took to make a single quilt!

Using modern time-saving techniques such as the easy invisible machine-applique method she's known for, enables Kim to be prolific in her quiltmaking, and there's always something new in the works. Her very favorite quilts feature scrappy color schemes sewn from a mix of richly hued prints, and her designs often blend traditionally inspired patchwork with applique designs.

In addition to authoring numerous books, including her "Simple" series with Martingale, Kim continues to design quilting fabric collections and Simple Whatnots Club projects in her signature scrap-basket style for Henry Glass & Co.

After retiring from an extensive travel and teaching schedule in 2015, Kim now spends her days at home doing what she loves most: designing quilts and fabrics, baking, stitching, gardening, and being a nana to her grandbabies.

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Pat Wys

Pat Wys has a firm a belief that people are truly blessed when they have a passion for work that calls to them, challenges them, and grows with them every day. Quilting is just that for her. She's seen and felt firsthand the healing, comforting, and joyous power of quilting in the lives of many people.

In 2005 she started her own design company, Silver Thimble Quilt Company, which offers a number of new designs each year. She loves designing, traveling, teaching, and sharing her love of quilting. What is in the future for Silver Thimble Quilt Company? Pat will continue to design and travel in hope of meeting all the quilters who have supported her dreams.

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