Artful Appliqué - The Easy Way

by Jane Townswick
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A master in the art of hand applique shares her amazing expertise step by step, allowing stitchers at any skill level to achieve flawless results. Sixteen gorgeous block designs present new, simplified methods for preparing, marking, and stitching applique fabrics that guarantee the ultimate in beauty and accuracy.

  • Beautiful 9" appliqued block patterns filled with popular motifs, such as flowers, birds, leaves, and vines
  • New methods for appliqueing tricky points and curves, narrow stems and vines, and even the tiniest of pieces with precision
  • Special tips on creating extraordinary effects using reverse applique, window templates, and modified cutwork stems

by Jane Townswick
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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full color, PDF digital download
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February 5th, 2007

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From Library Journal

This book is based on a series of workshops offered by Townswick on preparing the fabric, marking, assembling, and stitching applique and is the result of her teaching experience over a number of years. In the course of working through the book, the reader completes 16 appliqued blocks, each building on the techniques taught in the blocks before it. Close-up, full-color illustrations and a logical step-by-step approach make this one of the best books available on learning or enhancing skills in applique work. Highly recommended for public libraries.

From The Applique Society Newsletter

Jane encourages you to spread your design wings and fly...this book is a must for your appliqué library.

From Reviewer's Bookwatch

Make your appliqué a work of art! The focus on easy appliqué includes tips for streamlining patterns for quick use.


“Having been a die-hard patchwork fan for many years,” begins Jane in the introduction, “I thought there was very little reason for appliqué quilts to exist — until Nancy Pearson’s 'Techny Chimes' stopped me dead in my tracks.” I’m right there with you on that one, Jane. “Beautiful hand appliqué is as individual as a fingerprint,” Jane continues. I really appreciate this sentiment of encouraging individuality and de-emphasizing the need for exact copying and perfection, which, in my opinion, takes away from the pleasure of the work.

In the book Jane presents many unusual (to me) and innovative techniques for creating motifs — partial stitching, modified cutwork, and unit construction. (Just goes to show how different brains work differently.) These methods enable tiny, rich details that still have turned edges. The appliqué information also shows how to achieve precision where precision is important, and individual, artful results where precision is less important.

Leaves don’t have to be green, did you know that? I know that, but I mostly forget it when I reach for my fabrics. You’ll see some stunning results in the book’s gallery of quilts where the quilters have reached past the green box. The gallery includes many beautiful quilts made by Jane and her students. The author then includes 16 appliqué blocks, each one with complete skill-building instructions. It’s easy to see why this one is still in print after nine years, it’s a classic.

Jane Townswick

Renowned as an accomplished author, quilter, editor, teacher, and former shop owner, Jane Townswick has also been an instructor at Elly Sienkiewicz's esteemed Applique Academy. Her work has been featured in American Quilter and Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.

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