Animal Parade - Adorable Applique Quilt Patterns for Babies

by Cheri Leffler
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You'll love how Cheri Leffler combines simple piecing with whimsical applique to make adorable quilts for little boys and girls. Each delightful design comes to life with animal applique that portray a sense of innocence and friendliness.

  • Use needle-turn or fusible applique to create owls, giraffes, penguins, frogs, foxes, and more full-sized patterns and large applique shapes make it all so easy
  • Enjoy a varied selection of 10 irresistible quilt patterns for everyone from confident beginners to seasoned quilters
  • Make fun use of color and create endearing gifts that will bring joy now and as a child grows

by Cheri Leffler
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover w/2 pullout pattern sheets
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April 8th, 2014
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Not only for babies but any young person who loves animals; for example, frogs, turtles or fox! No matter your favorite method of applique, these patterns are simple and fun. The background quilts too are perfect and simple. A wonderful, whimsical collection of animals ... and you won't be able to do just one! :-)
The quilt designs in Animal Parade are stunning in their simplicity, accented by the appliqued animals which were almost all drawn by one of Cheri's daughters, Michelle.

The book includes full-size patterns and large applique' shapes, as well as clear instructions and diagrams, geared for both beginners and experienced quilters alike.

I am glad Cheri translated her amazing artistic talents into a book!
This book isn't adorable it is ADORABLE! Such delightful whimsical designs that I predict that while these designs are for baby quilts, they will be used to make quilts for kids of all ages.

Great designs with well written instructions that are easy to follow and have great visual. This book is perfect for quilters of all levels.


Great book! I have taken classes and purchased individual patterns of Cheri's and really enjoyed both. Her instructions are clear and easy for both all levels of quilters. She inspires you with her love of appliqué and quilting and I think this comes through in this book. The patterns in this book are so adorable it is hard to pick which one to start with. Thanks for this great book so proud to have it in my library. Looking forward to more publications of Cheri’s adorable patterns. --- Fran
I was delighted to see Sheri combine so many of her lovely patterns into this charming book! Her instructions are clear not only to experienced quilters, but to novice quilters as well. The colorful illustrations assist one in selecting fabrics for both the background and applique motifs. Basic piecing skills are required for background piecing, and finishing. The applique can be easily accomplished by needle turn or fused techniques. Sheri maintained soft smooth curves for ease in applique of the animal motifs. Embellish with simple embroidery stitches for a finishing touch. I have personally made two of the quilts included in this book. They were a pleasure to make and present to two young boys! I will certainly make another! Thanks for a great book to add to my library. I look forward to future publications of Shari’s children’s patterns, she not only is a talented designer, but an accomplished quilter. Diane Leclair
These quilts look adorable! I don't have any little ones to make them for, but I still want it.
Oh WOW!! These quilts are adorable. Becoming a great great grandma in the fall and will need to purchase this book.
If I buy this book and you sent it to me. can I find it also e-book in same price. And many thanks to author for this brilliant book.

Hi Aini, unfortunately Animal Parade is not available as an eBook because it includes oversized pullout patterns. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. --Jenny
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Cheri Leffler

Cheri Leffler lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband, Ken. He continues to enjoy his lengthy career with the United States Air Force, and this has allowed Cheri to teach quilting in many wonderful places, from Texas to Italy and lots of points in between. She has been a quilting instructor since their four grown daughters were little. When she is not designing quilts, Cheri enjoys travel, knitting, reading, and walking her dog, Carson.
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