All About Strips - Colorful Quilts from Strips of Many Sizes

by Susan Guzman
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Explore new possibilities with strips ranging from 1 1/2" to 10 1/2" wide--and be amazed at the design variations that result. Take inspiration from the author's insights on color, pattern, and scale as you experiment to discover your own unique style.

  • 15 versatile patterns in sizes from throws to king-size quilts
  • Each project includes specific tips for fabric selection and placement; choose fabrics with confidence
  • Cut strips from your stash or a fat-quarter collection, or use convenient precut 2 1/2" strips

by Susan Guzman
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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January 13th, 2015
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The beginning of this book covers 13 pages and includes such things as color, pattern and scale and whether to use your stash or purchase a collection. The last pages of the book cover quilting basics and a bit about the author.

There are 15 patterns and they start out with a color photo of the project. Then they give a paragraph about the item, followed by who made and quilted it. The finished block and project size are also given.

The actual written instructions begin with a colored box called THE FABRICS and they are followed by the material and cutting lists. How the item is sewn together comes next and a graphic or two is among the written words to help you along. When it comes to finishing the item, there are no specific design suggestions; it is left up to your own creativity.

With all the pre-cuts we have today, if you don’t have fabric in your stash that you wish to use, purchasing pre-cuts will speed up the time you spend on making the item.
Susan's designs are beautiful, clever creations which go beyond the simple strip quilts we are accustomed to seeing. A passionate quilter who finds inspiration everywhere including favorite magazines, museums and library websites, Susan provides great tips about how to choose colors for your quilts, how to convey a specific mood to your quilted creations through the use of color, and how to combine all those colors to make a scrappy quilt very attractive. A must-have!
This book is fun to look at, read and get inspired! I love her stories about how her quilt blocks originated and how she chose her fabrics. But most of all, I will now forever look at the small things around me and hope to find a quilt block somewhere like this author does. Love this!
Inspired, well-written book! Susan looks at everyday objects and translates them into stunning designs. The hints and how-to's are great for beginner quilters!
Love this book I just have one problem....... trying to decide which one of the designs I want to make first. The instructions are great and all the helpful tips are wonderful.
This is one of the best quilts I have in my collection Susan is a wonderful inspiration to any quilter. I have been quilting for 22 Years and I read this book from cover it cover. It inspired to use color that I seldom use. This book is a quit guide. Thank you Susan Guzman for all the information and wonderful quilts.
Wonderful book! Susan's directions are simple and the drawings are easy to use. She has made beginning quilting possible for very new quilters and she has made strips fun for more experienced quilters. I can't wait to try one of her designs this spring!
This book has modern and graphic designs that can show off your favorite fabrics with these designs. Susan offers great ideas for the pre-cut strips and the "Odd number Rule" is so true. This is a great way to use your stash of various strip widths and end up with a stunning quilt. "All About Strips" is definitely worth purchasing, we all have strips in our stash that can be incorporated into one of her designs. The diagrams and instructions are easy to understand and the images in the book spur your creativity. Lots of tips included that give great ideas. Make your next heirloom quilt with "All About Strips"!
I'm always looking for patterns to use pre cut strips and this book has lots. I like the variety and know that my choice of fabric will make mine look uniquely my own. I also appreciate the great instructions and extra tips throughout.
The book description for All About Strips: Colorful Quilts from Strips of Many Sizes by Susan Guzman promises that the book will help readers “Explore new possibilities with strips ranging from 1 1/2" to 10 1/2" wide--and be amazed at the design variations that result. Take inspiration from the author's insights on color, pattern, and scale as you experiment to discover your own unique style.” This beautiful book accomplished the task quite well. Mrs. Guzman, an expert designer and quilter, shares insight and instruction for quilters of varying expertise, weaving instruction with personal anecdotes and design advice. The drawings and diagrams easy to understand and follow, even for a novice quilter like me. The photographed quilts included are beautiful and inspirational, making this not only a design book, but a book that is lovely just to look at. I’m looking forward to creating my own quilt masterpieces using this book as a guide!
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Susan Guzman

With a background that includes trust banking and equity trading, interior design, architectural sales and marketing, and managing an art gallery, Susan Guzman's true passion is art and design. She fell in love with quilting when she joined an online quilt guild in 2004 and immediately participated in a variety of round robins to perfect her skills. Her eclectic background and creativity have helped her to develop a successful quilt-design business under the brand of SuzGuz Designs. Susan has written patterns and made quilts for more than 12 fabric companies. She's had her designs published in Asian Fabric, McCall's Quilting, McCall's Quick Quilts, Quilter's Home, and Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazines.

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