About eBooks and ePatterns

Ebooks and ePatterns are electronic versions of printed books and patterns (hence the “e”). Aside from reading one on paper and reading the other on a screen, they’re exactly the same.

Never purchased an eBook or ePattern before? You’ve just got to try it! For less than the cost of a printed book, you can download a digital version of a book or pattern to your computer, and to other devices. Start creating patterns you love in minutes, rather than waiting for days or weeks for a shipment to arrive. Buy, download, open, and create with confidence—all within the time it takes to make a sandwich!

Benefits of eBooks and ePatterns

  • no shipping charges
  • no packaging waste
  • no dog ears, broken bindings, or coffee-dribbled pages
  • view on your screen, print one pattern, or print them all—it’s up to you!

eProduct Facts

  • Once you download and save an eProduct to your computer, you can view it on your computer, print it, or view it on other devices. As long as you’ve saved your eProduct to your computer, there’s no need to return to your account page each time you wish to view it.
  • If you ever need to download your eProducts again, you can find a link to them on your download pageNote that you won't see this page until you've logged in.
  • You can view eProducts on your computer or other devices, print only the pages you need, or print all pages. It’s up to you!
  • Our eProducts are saved as PDFs (portable document format). You can open them in Adobe Reader, a free PDF reader. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download the latest version here.

What do I need to read an eBook or ePattern?

Martingale eBooks and ePatterns are created as PDFs (Portable Document Format). All you need to read them is a device with a PDF reader. You can read our eBooks and ePatterns on a variety of devices:

  • Desktop and laptop computers (Mac or PC)
  • iPad
  • Kindle Fire
  • Nook Color and Nook Tablet (may require installing an additional PDF reader)
  • Most other tablets, including 10" tablets from Samsung, Coby, Motorola, and Asus 

If your device doesn't have a PDF reader, you can download one here. For specific instructions to download to your device, visit our Downloading eProducts page.

Because our products usually include instructional photos and illustrations, we recommend reading them on devices with full-color screens that are 10" or larger.

A Note about Copyright

All Martingale products are for personal use only, and are only for use by the original purchaser. 

When you purchase eBooks and ePatterns on our site, they are watermarked for your protection. Internal ordering identifications, your name, and your date of purchase are encoded into the PDF files you purchase. By watermarking our files, we’re able to trace them back to the original owner. If illegal activity is found or reported (i.e., copying and distributing, illegally sharing, or photocopying), we will investigate and take legal action if needed.

(Sorry to seem like meanies about this point—we know the majority of ShopMartingale customers are truthful and trustworthy. They’re also creative, funny, and above average in the looks department. But we have to mention it. After all, it’s how we make our living.)