A Quilter's Ark - More Than 50 Designs for Foundation Piecing

by Margaret Rolfe
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Create a menagerie of quilted creatures with 53 exciting foundation-pieced block designs by Margaret Rolfe! Piece dozens of animal and bird designs, including a panda, giraffe, rhinoceros, lion, flamingo, toucan, hippo, koala, parrot, and an elephant.

  • Stitch even the smallest pieces of your blocks with ease and accuracy when you use Margaret's fast and fun foundation-piecing technique
  • Combine any number of 4" x 4" blocks to make small or large quilts
  • Complete block instructions, patterns for four quilts, and a special ark block are included

by Margaret Rolfe
8.5" x 11" printed on your home computer
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December 3rd, 2013
Dice la historia que en el Arca de Noé viajaron centenares de parejas de animales….. En este hermoso libro, imaginemos que ya paró la lluvia, que el arca llegó a buen puerto y que desembarcaron 53 parejas de animales. Esta es un arca muy peculiar, porque estos 53 animales están hechos con la técnica de Paper Piecing o Foundation Piecing. Margaret Rolfe, quilter y diseñadora australiana, hace hincapié en la responsabilidad que tiene la humanidad de conservar las bellezas del planeta haciéndonos conscientes de los hábitats que hemos dañado y las especies en extinción. Una quilt de animales obsequiada a un niño permitirá tener ese diálogo familiar desde la primera infancia. Con la colección de especies, podremos hacer una quilt con el tema de animales domésticos, o bien una con el tema marino, o qué tal una con animales imaginarios como sería una vaca de color púrpura por ejemplo. El terminado final de cada block es de 4” por lo que también se pueden incorporar por ejemplo como detalle de una falda, un pantalón de juegos, un camino de mesa o bien una pequeña serie de cuadros enmarcados para la habitación.
Este libro que será uno de los más consultados y utilizados de tu biblioteca de costura.

Translation: The story goes that in Noah's Ark hundreds of pairs of animals traveled ... In this beautiful book, let us imagine that the rain stopped, that the ark came to fruition and that 53 pairs of animals landed. This is a very peculiar ark, because these 53 animals are made with the technique of Paper Piecing or Foundation Piecing. Margaret Rolfe, Australian quilter and designer, emphasizes the responsibility of humanity to conserve the beauties of the planet by making us aware of the habitats we have damaged and the species in extinction. A quilt of animals given to a child will allow this family dialogue from early childhood. With the collection of species, we can make a quilt with the theme of domestic animals, or one with the marine theme, or how about one with imaginary animals such as a purple cow for example. The final finish of each block is 4" so you can also incorporate for example as a detail of a skirt, a pair of pants, a table runner or a small series of frames framed for the room. This book that will be one of the most consulted and used of your sewing library.
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Review from Popular Patchwork, April 2014

Originally published by Martingale in [1997], this is a fresher revitalised version of a clever title from the same publisher's imprint, That Patchwork Place. Margaret Rolfe is a veteran Australian quilter and her clever interpretations of animals using foundation piecing are testament to her wealth of experience. The main feature of the book is the foundation-pieced animals, although there is advice on quilt-making basics and designing with the blocks, as well as pre-designed quilts and a gallery of the blocks to the rear of the book which is great for inspiration. With over fifty designs to make, Margaret has provided an animal block for all occasions, and the opportunity for more ambitious makers to make five themed quilts: "Ark Quilt", "Farm Quilt", "Zoo Quilt", "North American Animals Quilt" and "Australian Animals Quilt". This is the perfect title for those who really want to get stuck into foundation piecing and make some really fun gifts at the same time!

Margaret Paxton-Rolfe

Margaret Rolfe is an Australian quiltmaker and best-selling author known for the pieced animal blocks that are a feature of many of her books. In 2001, Margaret was honored by being made a Member of the Order of Australia, "for service to the decorative arts, particularly as an authority on the history of quilts and quiltmaking, to the promotion of the craft through teaching and writing, and as an advisor on the acquisition of quilts for the national collection."Visit Margaret's website
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