A Piece of Cake - Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares

by Peta Peace
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Mix simple piecing with 10-inch squares plus your favorite background fabrics and you've got a quilt you'll be proud of. Transform your Layer Cake collection into intricate-looking designs that are a breeze to stitch--Peta Peace's tips will help you start and finish like a pro. You'll love the cheerful colors and innovative designs in these 14 all-new patterns.

by Peta Peace
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July 5th, 2017

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Review from Foreward Magazine, June 2017

Buying bundles of small cuts of fabric makes it easy to coordinate a pieced project without stress, but for quilters who might not know what to do with these little squares, Peta Peace offers fourteen fun projects suitable for beginners, in her book A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares. "Layer Cake" is the term used for collections of fabric produced and bundled by manufacturers. They typically include a ten-by-ten-inch cut of each fabric design in a line, and they make it possible to make quilts and other projects without the guesswork of finding fabrics that will look good together. Using these collections as inspiration, Peace incorporates other fabrics into her designs to make larger projects than would be possible just using Layer Cakes. She uses a lot of white to break up the patterns of the colored fabrics she chooses. The quilts range in size from those that would be suitable for a wall hanging or baby blanket up to those large enough to use as bedspreads (the largest is 84 inches by 84 inches). She also includes a pillow, a table runner, and a couple of mini quilts for those who like smaller projects or want to try their skills on a small version before committing to a large blanket.

The patterns are well designed, simple but interesting, and heavy on pastels and feminine colors. The samples are impeccably put together, and the quilting is beautiful, in some instances much more complex than a new quilter might want to attempt. The project instructions include many illustrations that show how the pieces go together, as well as several pictures of each finished project. Helpful tips throughout the book advise quilters on how to change the look of a project to make it their own. A tools-and-techniques section at the back of the book covers everything a new quilter would need to know in order to get started, from measuring, cutting, sewing, and pressing squares to putting the quilt together, quilting the top, and adding binding.

This book is lovely, and inspiring and approachable for quilters of all skill levels who want something a little different from traditional quilt designs and colors with a lot of fuss.

Peta Peace

Growing up in a household where stray threads and piles of fabric were as much a part of the furniture as chairs and tables, Peta Peace followed in her mother's and grandmother's footsteps with a love of all things handmade. Today she is a popular quilt designer who enjoys living in Brisbane, Australia. She loves making quilts that she hopes will encourage and inspire people everywhere to give this fabulous craft a try. You can find her online at SheQuiltsaLot.com.

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