A Paper-Pieced Garden - 27 Mix-and-Match Blocks Plus Unique Quilts

by Maaike Bakker, Francoise Maarse
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Discover 27 truly lovely blocks featuring flowers, leaves, and spritely creatures of the garden such as squirrels and robins. You'll also find seven delightful quilt patterns that showcase these versatile blocks.

  • Develop your skills with paper piecing, machine applique, and free-motion machine quilting
  • Celebrate nature's abundance with color-splashed projects for spring, summer, winter, and fall
  • View a fabulous photo gallery brimming with even more ideas for these extraordinary blocks

by Maaike Bakker, Francoise Maarse
8.375" x 10.875"
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full color; softcover
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December 3rd, 2013
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Extraordinary extremely awesome book! Has a variety of uses and combinations to come up with while using your imagination! Take your imagination and run with it!
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Maaike Bakker

From her studio in a small village in the northeast of the Netherlands, Maaike Bakker designs quilts and writes books and articles about patchwork and quilting. She has taught all over the world.

Maaike invites you to visit her website, the Paper Piecing Pleasure Shop.

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Francoise Maarse

Françoise opened a quilt shop in 2001, which still exists as an online shop. She teaches and designs comtemporary quilts in the south of the Netherlands. She's well-known for her mystery quilt projects and the combination of old and new in her designs. One of her projects is a blog, written with Maaike Bakker, dedicated to The Paper-Pieced Garden. You can find it here.

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