9 Months to Crochet - Count Down to the Big Day with Crochet! - 25 Projects to Make While You Wait - NO LONGER AVAILABLE / OUT OF PRINT

by Maaike Van Koert
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Is there a baby on the way? Spend nine months crocheting a darling collection of infant outfits and nursery gear for boys or girls, including toys, blankets, and pillows--plus stylish accessories and clever organizing options for the new mom. Cute and classic with a modern twist, these eye-catching designs are perfect for welcoming a little one!

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by Maaike Van Koert
8" x 8"
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Full color, softcover
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December 13th, 2016
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This book is great for when you need ideas for gifts for babies. However, the book itself would be a very original and useful gift for expectant mothers! Maaike's projects are reminiscent of the ones I've seen over the years, except for the modern twist she gave to each one. Her choice of stitches and colors is perfect for today's nurseries and beginner crafters. However, even seasoned crocheters will enjoy them precisely because of her fresh ideas.

Maaike divided the book into three chapters corresponding to the three trimesters of pregnancy: beginner-level items for the first trimester, a bit more challenging ones on the second trimester when expectant mothers are feeling better, and quicker projects for the third trimester as they rush to get everything ready for the big day. Genius idea!!!

I made the booties on the cover, a hat, and a blanket. Easy, fast, and fun!
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Review from The Crochet Crowd blog, Michael Sellick aka Mikey, January 2017

9 Months to Crochet is a fabulous little book inspired by new moms waiting over a 9 month period for their precious young one to be born. The colourful and adorable book has the [sections] separated by trimesters for goals to achieve while waiting. The projects aren't too complicated and very doable while you relax with a crochet hook in your hand. The book [is] inspiring for creating uber cute items such as baby blankets, clothing sets, toys and accessories. Whether you want to decorate the nursery or feel like making a cute pair of shorts for a boy or girl. My favourite item in this book is the "Sleepy Sheep Mobile". I know it sounds ridiculous, I want one of those for my office here. The book looks and feels like a joyous celebration of new life. The patterns are not too complicated so you can ride those mood swings without the pattern setting one off, [at] least I hope not.
Review from BellaOnline, May 2017

Maaike van Koert wrote 9 Months to Crochet as a new mom herself, and focused on using natural fibers in gender-neutral colors. The projects are designed to be done in chronological order, with simpler patterns, suitable for beginners, in the first trimester, bigger projects in the second trimester, and smaller, more advanced (but instant gratification) projects for the third trimester. There's also a pictorial guide to stitch techniques at the end. I'm personally a huge fan of using natural fibers as much as possible, so I adore the designer's use of cotton and wool in every pattern. The designs are classic, allowing your finished items to be passed down through all your babies. The book is small enough, and durable enough, to be carted around to doctors' waiting rooms. Anyone can pick up a hook and make something special for baby, no matter their skill level. The only drawback I can think of with this book is that, if you're a very advanced crochet artist, you'll find the patterns very basic. However, I find the simplicity of the designs adds to their charm.

Maaike Van Koert

Maaike von Koert is a talented crochet designer and author who runs creJJtion.com, a popular website for crochet enthusiasts. Maaike grew up in the Netherlands, lived for a while in Canada, and then returned to the Netherlands where she lives with her husband, daughter, and Floyd the chocolate Labrador.

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