101 Itty Bitty Celebrations - 2" Wool Stitcheries to Make and Share - OP

by Lisa Bongean

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Every day deserves to be celebrated, and with 101 Itty Bitties to choose from, it's easy to make that happen. Use wool scraps and a bit of hand stitching to create 2" squares with motifs and sayings for holidays, seasons, sports, gardening, pets, and more. The designs are quick to complete and make perfect take-along projects. Tuck the tiny treasures into vignettes, turn them into wearable art, add a magnet and display them on your refrigerator, tie them to a gift, or send one to a friend to brighten their day--the possibilities are endless. Make an Itty Bitty (or 101!) and make every day a celebration!

by Lisa Bongean
8.375" x 8.375"
Format Description:
full color, softcover
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Publication Date:
January 4th, 2021

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Lisa Bongean

You can't be around designer Lisa Bongean for long without picking up her infectious enthusiasm for stitching, both by hand and by machine. But if pressed, she'll probably tell you her heart is with wool stitchery. The combination of richly textured wools, delightfully colorful threads, and the endless array of shapes that you can cut--she's a fan of it all! If practice, practice, practice is the key to getting it right, it's clear that's why Lisa Bongean is a leader in the wool stitchery world. Her workmanship is impeccable because she never stops making more.

The owner of Primitive Gatherings (PrimitiveGatherings.us), Lisa has shops in both Larsen, Wisconsin, and Murrieta, California, that specialize in hand-dyed wools, quilting cottons, and kits.Visit Lisa's website
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